4 comments on “Dancing Up a Sweat

  1. Wait? I’m so glad this exists! I had no idea. Sounds super fun but do you think some senior citizens would be welcome here. I dont know if we’d be able to keep up with you young folks 🙂

  2. Sorry Tom, I think we go a little too hard for people over 50. I guess you could watch but honestly id be a little creeped out to see an old man just watching us blues dance all night.

  3. Personally, I definitely think so! There are a couple of senior citizens who I’ve seen do blues dancing before, and they get by fine. Swing dancing may be harder, as it tends to be much faster. In the case of blues dancing, I certainly think it’d be worth giving it a try. 🙂

  4. I agree blues dancing is very easy for young and old people it is a dance that requires you just to relax and have fun. Also it is great place just to hang out and socialize as well. The only hitch to maybe dancing in general is know the beat of the music so you don’t confuse your partner. 🙂

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