3 comments on “Dancing Up the Energy

  1. Thanks for the props! As another fellow swing/blues/fusion dancer (in fact, the entire backup vocals section AND the trombone player of JB&thePB are swing/blues dancers!), I feel compelled to add that getting up and dancing at shows also adds to the experience for the rest of the patrons too! If I had a nickel for every time someone came up to me after I’d been partner dancing at a show and expressed how much they enjoyed/were inspired by/had that much more fun watching us dance… 😀

    Next time you’re at one of our shows (assuming we’re not currently on the stage), come ask us to dance too!

    (Backup VOX for JB&thePB – I’m the tall one with darker hair)

  2. Haha good plan, Khrysti! I’m always trying to get my friends to give blues and swing dancing a try, too.

    I have definitely had similar experiences with patrons who’ve enjoyed watching myself and my friends blues/swing/partner dance at shows. 🙂 And I’m glad to hear your trumpet player is a swing/blues dancer; I’m actually a trumpet player, myself! 😛

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